Have you Seen my App?

Latest News Kevin Gillis 1 Oct

Yes, I have a mobile app! My app provides you with useful tools to help you plan your mortgage. Whether it comes to determining your mortgage payments, affordability, income required to qualify or closing costs, the app has what you need. The app can: Calculate the total cost of owning a home Estimate the minimum […]

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Thinking About Refinancing?

Mortgage Tips Kevin Gillis 30 Sep

Life happens. Whether you are facing financial emergency, wanting to improve your financial situation, put more into your investment portfolio or simply wanting to spoil yourself with a long overdue trip. Mortgage refinancing can be the answer – when done properly! What is Mortgage Refinancing? Refinancing your mortgage refers to the process of renegotiating your […]

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14 Key Points Everyone Should Know About Mortgage Brokers

General Kevin Gillis 24 Sep

Are you wondering why you should use a mortgage broker over a bank employee?  Let me help you understand why using me is a better choice! Price matters! Your home is likely to be the biggest purchase of your life and paying too much for mortgage is not going to help.  I will shop for the […]

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